Brand new redesign
  • Updated typeface

  • Stunning new logo

  • New gradient extension UI background

  • New overall design language

Migrated to Manifest v3
  • Updated APIs to support Manifest v3

  • Updated manifest version

  • Firefox version not migrated to Manifest v3 due to current lack of support

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused the typeface to be rendered incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue that caused graphics to be incorrectly recognised


Browser Store Plus for Opera deprecation

For now, I am officially deprecating the Opera version of Browser Store Plus.

First reason, I've noticed that Opera Add-ons seems to be much less used than Chrome Web Store by Opera users, so I think it's honestly a waste of time to try and maintain the Opera version if no one really cares about searching Opera Add-ons.

Second reason, it's honestly just extra wasted time I don't need to spend, nor do I have the budget of time to develop for Opera.

Third reason, after being in review for over a year, the add-on has still not gone through moderation.

If you're honestly concerned about it, Browser Store Plus for Opera is available for Opera Beta and Opera Developer (as well as Opera Stable if the extension ever finally finishes the moderation process) users here. v1.1 is the final version for Browser Store Plus for Opera.


2.0 is currently rolling out for the Chrome and Edge versions with brand-new updated details. 2.0 for Firefox needs additional testing, due to the manifest upgrades of Browser Store Plus, and release will be delayed.